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The multifunctional Mercury Tower complex is designed as a vertical city, with unique architecture, complex infrastructure, offices, apartments, restaurants, cafes and boutiques — everything you need to lead a luxurious life and run a successful business.

The famous Mercury Tower has a panoramic energy-saving glazing with gold plating across the entire height of the floor. It not only provides the perfect appearance but also maintains comfortable indoor temperatures.

Compared to other Moscow City skyscrapers, the 75-storey tower really stands out with its unusual architectural design and memorable golden facade. The building offers about 180,000 m2 of nicely complementary A-class office space, residential apartments and all of the infrastructure needed for a vibrant life and successful business.

Mercury is a building that unites fiction and reality, visual appeal and functionality, pragmatics and aesthetics.
Frank Williams
Frank Williams

The 75-storey complex was built in 2013 and designed by American architect Frank Williams, who has designed over 20 famous skyscrapers in cities all around the world. His projects include the Trump Palace Condominiums, the Four Seasons and the W Times Square hotels in New York, Burj Residential Towers in Dubai, Samsung Residential Towers in Seoul, etc. Mercury Tower is a smart building that provides a high level of comfort for all of its residents.

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